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PSP CFW For PS Vita Available – That's If You Caught It In Time …

Published on 10-03-2012 12:31 PM

If you caught the recent article regarding the leak of Coldbird’s CFW1 and the exploitable game in which the user mode/kernel exploit existed, then lets hope you took the initiative to purchase the game in question. i.e. Urbanix mini. However this only applies to the EU version of the game… for now.

Trusted PSP scener Total_Noob has released a PSP custom firmware (6.60 TN-A CFE) that is compatible with PS Vita firmware 1.81 using the Urbanix exploit. This opens many doors for Vita owners, that is if you own the game. Recent news suggests that the EU version of the game has already been removed from PSN stores. So if you can download it from US/JP, you better do it NOW!

If you are saddened by this news, don’t give up just yet. Reports suggest that other already released VHBL exploits could be backported to allow this PSP CFW on the Vita.

About :

Total Noob, famous for his TN Hen tool for the PSP a few years ago, is back on the Sony scene with an insane release: a PSP Custom Firmware compatible with the recently leaked Urbanix Exploit!

A growing number of reports that following the announce of Total_Noob’s HEN a few hours ago, the game Urbanix, which has an exploit allowing people to run his PSP Custom Firmware on the Vita, was removed from the EU PSN stores. People are reporting that the game was also removed from their download list. I expect the same will happen to the other locales (US, JP, etc…) within a few hours. If you have one of the previous VHBL exploits, it is possible the kernel exploit will get backported to your game exploit at some point, so if you are interested in that Kernel exploit the idea for you is to wait and see (and to not update your firmware).

Source: wololo2 & wololo – 23

Thanks to RandQalan4 for the news tip!

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